Background Investigations

Combined Investigators - Activity Checks

Background investigations are generally utilized to determine a subject’s history of criminal activity, civil litigation, property ownership, associates, relatives, and patterns of behavior. Backgrounds often successfully confirm or bring into question the subject’s credibility; it is an excellent tool to determine locations the subject may be living or working, past fraudulent activity, accident / injury history, and patterns of habitual litigation.

Comprehensive Background Investigations can provide an eye-opening and cost-effective review of your Claimant when you suspect a problem. These investigations include locating Addresses, Phone Numbers, E-mail Addresses, Sexual Offenses, Criminal / Civil Records, Bankruptcies, Liens / Judgments, Driver’s Licenses, Property Ownership, Motor Vehicles, Watercraft / Aircraft Ownership, Professional Licenses, Concealed Weapons Permits, Social Networking Sites, Associates, Relatives, and more.

The types of Background Investigations we offer include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive Background
  • Social Media Investigation
  • Criminal History
  • Civil History
  • Driving History
  • Business Background
  • Asset Check

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